Dress Code

King's Lynn Golf Club requires both its members and visitors to respect and maintain the standards of a traditional golf club by adhering to a smart standard of dress at all times.

On the course

* Smart, conventional golfing attire is required (including recognised golf shoes).
* Denim jeans, collarless shirts (unless recognised golf wear) and combat/cargo shorts are not permitted.
* Men’s shirts are to be worn inside trousers or tailored knee-length shorts, unless designed to be worn outside.
* Socks (of any length) must be worn with shorts.

In the clubhouse

* Smart, casual dress or dry, clean golfing attire is required.
* Appropriate footwear to be worn at all times.
* Trainers are not allowed but golf shoes may be worn in the spike bar.
* Smart denim may be worn, but not torn or soiled jeans.
* No caps or cargo shorts are permitted.
* Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Mobile 'phones

Mobile 'phones may be taken onto the course in silent mode, solely for use in an emergency and used discreetly outside the clubhouse

All members and visitors are kindly asked to adhere to the above policy.